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Ideaborn Foundation

The Ideaborn Foundation works by supporting the synergies between local public institutions and private organizations. Its actions support vulnerable people, governments and local bodies on issues related to access to justice. It offers support to the population in their understanding and knowledge of their rights, the obligations of the state towards them and of them with society (rights training); and the exercise of those rights. It also seeks to create synergies between alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and ordinary justice with a view to providing quality justice.

​The foundation works for the promotion and dissemination of human rights through:

Actions to support local organisations.

Study and direct advice.

The conception and execution of
training courses.

The implementation of development
cooperation projects.

Objectives of the Ideaborn Foundation

The promotion of Peace Building and Good Governance.

Comprising of both knowledge and support in the correct implementation of International Humanitarian Law (Geneva law) necessary to move from conflict to post-conflict. Likewise, supporting the technical abilities for the development of public policies that facilitate citizen participation in its preparation, monitoring and evaluation, with a view to promoting equality of access to public services, including access to financial services. There is also a focus on the establishment and implementation of public management processes that facilitate transparency and the prevention of corruption.

Strengthening the Rule of Law.

Knowledge of, respect for, and full access to the rights and fundamental freedoms included in the Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966, and the successive international conventions that have been developing those rights. The key element of this work is the “Cycle of Justice”, which includes the dissemination of, and training in human rights to both citizens and public servants; the development of mechanisms of prevention and control of the violation of those rights, the strengthening, reciprocity and promotion of the different mechanisms of access to justice, and the support for follow-up mechanisms so that the fulfillment of both private and alternative penalties to imprisonment help with reintegration.

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