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Ideaborn-foundation receives a third of the net benefits of Ideaborn SL annually, and adds this funding to other possible public and private sources. Among private donors we find companies that participate in socially responsible investments, such as Born In Wood.

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You can choose if you wish to specifically support a project among those that the foundation is implementing and promoting:

GCEF: Forming Responsible Citizens: One School one Year – direct support to schools involved in Forming Respondent Citizens to promote the practice of rights and duties, to promote gender equality and to prevent extremism and youth violence
GCEF: Graduate Diploma in Participative Education: a classroom based and online course by teachers and university students to improve the capability of secondary teachers to reinforce and acquire teaching skills and techniques, encouraging the use of them by the boy / girl in their own formative process and exercising rights, duties and responsibilities according to their age.
America’s juvenile violence prevention and access to justice fund- Fondo Recuerda: it is an initiative that seeks to reduce violence and youth crime in the Pan-American continent